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September 2016

Drop-In Sessions

Starting Wednesday 19th October 2016, we will be holding weekly drop-in sessions to answer you queries about World War One and maybe any of your faimly that fought in the war. The sessions will be held weekly at 10:30am in the United Reform Methodist Church on Long causeway in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire and willlast for approximatley 2 hours.

Film Evening

Also we will be holding a film evening at Dewsbury Minster on the 9th November 2016at 7:00pm. We will be showing the film entitled ‘The Battle of the Somme’, this film was made on the battlefield on the first day of the battle.

14 July 2016

Dewsbury Sacrifices the Launch of the Project Saturday 2nd July 2016

Dewsbury Minister

I am pleased to reflect upon a successful launch of our project to identify the Soldiers of Dewsbury who gave their lives during the Great War 1914 – 1918. This is to try and ensure that their names live on in perpetuity, not just as names on a tablet of stone but as real men who left wives, parents, sweethearts and children behind to answer their country’s call.

We also aim to satisfy the needs of relatives and descendants, scholars, researchers, historians and the present generation of school students so that their requests for information can be provided to help the process of commemoration.

It is our intention to catalogue the multifarious local War Memorials to safeguard against their eventual disappearance.

Between eighty and one hundred people attended the Service and already enquiries are starting to come in asking for information about the “Lost Generation”. Amongst the attendees were descendants of Ernest Denton and Alfred Gildea who perished on the first day of the Battle of the Somme thus providing a relevance and a direct link with the 42 Dewsbury Lads who were destined not to return as they made the ultimate sacrifice.

Amongst the guests attending were Paula Sherriff M.P. for Dewsbury, the Mayor and Mayoress of Kirklees Councillor Jim Dodds, Councillor Paul Kane, who is a patron of the project.

The service was sensitively conducted by the Reverend Kathy Robertson, which included the recitation of a War Poem by a local school student and in the early afternoon there was a ceremony of the placing of crosses on the Altar, each with the relevant name and a poppy attached by the school children of Dewsbury.

Additionally there was a display of work from local schools and much information relating to the Fallen which has been the focus of the research team for the past three years.

The day was enhanced by the attendance of Kevin Morley and his colleagues in the military uniform of the period. Film footage, actually taken during the War was shown by the Yorkshire Film Archive and a local choir provided a background.

The project is still trying to find local, Town Centre accommodation for the purposes of research and the dissemination of knowledge and the website is due to be on line by 1st September 2016 at

30 June 2016

The launch of the Dewsbury Sacrifices Project Celebrating the lives of all Soldiers from Dewsbury and it’s surrounding areas who died during World War I will bel held on

Saturday the 2nd July 2016 at Dewsbury Minster at 11:00am

The day will start with a service of commemoration for the men of Dewsbury who fell on the 1st July 1916, led by the Reverend Kathy Robertson.